I'm Jehoshaphat I. Abu, an XR Software Developer and Sound Designer.

As an XR developer, I help individuals, startups and seasoned businesses create attention-grabbing VR/AR/MR experiences to delight, engage, and grow their user bases.

As a sound designer, I specialize in creative sound design, and emotion-evoking compositions for VR/AR/MR, Games, TV and Films.

I take your ideas, dive into your business and create amazing projects.

I previously worked at Praxis Labs and EduXtra designing and developing AR, VR and MR applications and experiences.

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Nice to meet you! I studied Computer Science (also Music) with Specialization in Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Music. I'm also a multi-disciplinary artist, designing sounds and composing music for Film, Games & TV, Extended Reality(AR/VR/MR), interactive installation and performances.

As a designer, I have demonstrated experience in designing usable web, mobile, desktop, augmented, virtual, and mixed reality based user interfaces, user experiences and sounds. My goal is to help and empower people with a delightful experience and better relationships. I’m striving to create emotional connections and social values through design. I take your ideas, dive into your business and create amazing projects. I believe anything can and should be designed.

As a developer, I like to develop algorithms that are computationally efficient and easy to implement because I don't own a supercomputer and I know most mobile devices aren't supercomputers. Thus I like robust algorithms with minimal computational and memory footprints, and simplifying a complex problem down to a simple to implement algorithm.

My current research combines techniques from Artificial Intelligence, human-computer interaction, and signal processing and applying these techniques to effectively solve new problems, such as the design and development of interactive immersive virtual humans for VR/AR/MR, developing new advanced technologies related to simulating convincing virtual humans, formulating new machine learning, analysis, and simulation approaches for virtual humans, design of new digital musical instruments and tools for music creation and performance

When I’m not designing digital products and sound, writing code or music, I can be found cooking Spanish and African dishes or practising martial arts.