Name: NANI

Purpose: The purpose of this app is to help user find domestic staff based on their current location and search input.

Platform: Android and iOS(coming soon)

Description: On load, the user inputs a search word for the domestic staff he/she wants. Immediately, the app will start matching nearby persons registered on the platform, that can render the needed service(s). On start of service, the app start counting and on service end, as confirmed by both the user and service provider, the user account get debited and the service providers account gets credited. Payment is calculated by multiplying the amount per hour of the service provider, by the number of hours spent providing the service.

Role: Product Design

App Screenshots: Shown below

Splash Screen: Android
User and Service Provider Matching Screen: Android
Service Provider Home Screen: Android
Service Provider Earning Screen: Android
Service Provider Rating Screen: Android
User Payment Method Screen: Android
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